The IV Policy Aims:

  • To ensure there is an accredited Lead Internal Verifier in each principal subject area for BTEC qualifications
  • To ensure that the Internal Verification process is valid, reliable and covers all assessors and programme activity.
  • To ensure that the Internal Verification procedure is open, fair and free from bias
  • To provide a flexible Internal Verification strategy that is risk focused, and maintains the integrity of the qualifications whilst effectively developing the assessment practice at The College
  • To ensure that there is accurate and detailed recording of Internal Verification decisions.


In order to meet the policy aims; London Bridge College  will ensure that:

  • Where required by the qualification, a Lead Internal Verifier is appropriately appointed for each subject area, is registered with Pearson and has undergone the necessary standardisation processes (eg OSCA), records are kept on MyBTEC
  • Each Lead Internal Verifier checks the Internal Verification systems in their subject area
  • Staff are briefed and trained in the requirements for current Internal Verification procedures; at London Bridge College this will include an online training module for anyone undertaking the IV role, with a test/standardisation exercise requiring 90% pass mark
  • Clear Internal Verification roles are defined, with clear responsibilities and specified time-frames in which IV tasks must be carried out
  • Prior to the Assignment briefs for each unit being uploaded and integrated to Moodle VLE, the course designer will submit the briefs to the lead IV, and these will be checked to ensure they are fit for purpose. The IV will complete the IV sheet (using the Pearson paper
  • For each course and programme a specified IV plan is identified, showing which learners’ assessment decisions will be IVed and which unit will be sampled
  • Each time a new learner enrols onto the programme, their name is added to the IV plan, and the next unit on the list is selected for sample
  • The IV will receive an automatic notification after the work has been assessed, before the feedback is visible to the learner
  • The IV will complete the sample within 3 working days, using the London Bridge College IV Sample Form, which is accessed via Google Form. A copy of the form is sent to the assessor and the IV and the centre manager receives a notification that the sample has been completed. The centre manager is able to view all samples, for all courses on the Google Drive. The centre manager uploads the completed IV form to the MyBTEC platform after each sample is completed

Key Points:

  • Internal Verification is promoted as a developmental process between staff, with supportive and meaningful feedback provided
  • The outcome of Internal Verification is used to enhance future assessment practice.
  • IV forms sample forms for Assessment Decisions are based on the Pearson proformas, but have been re-created within ‘Google Forms’
  • The College uses MyBTEC as the content management system for Quality Assurance in relation to BTECs. The Centre Manager is responsible for maintaining the MyBTEC account, and ensuring all information is up to date. The Head of Vocational Education (HOVE) undertakes a quarterly audit to check compliance


Click here to Download the IV for for Assignment Briefs

Click here to access the IV form for Assessor Decisions (Google form)

Last update: September 2020, Review: August 2021