London Bridge College delivers traditional British further education through a completely digital learning experience. Bringing together the best aspects of high-quality learning from a trusted and established London based college to an online and digital audience through well planned, engaging and meaningful e-learning.

London Bridge College is an entirely online solution; with learning, assessment and tutor feedback happening through digital engagement.

Traditional courses and classroom-based learning can be expensive, and take a long time, with a large variance across results and achievement. Through E-learning and digital education platforms, London Bridge is part of the revolution that has changed the way we learn to make it more effective and measurable. For example, learners can progress at their own pace, moving more slowly and re-visiting course material in a supportive environment, or can progress more rapidly in ways that make sense for their own learning style.

At London Bridge College our personalised learning programmes mean that we can tailor the pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments to meet the needs and aspirations of individual learners. Learners can choose from a range of learning materials on offer within each programme, can select option units within qualifications which makes sense for their own goals, career choices, and future learning aspirations, and can also choose between differentiated assessment methods on some programmes to undertake assessment in the most meaningful and achievable approach for them.

London Bridge staff believe that personalisation is broader than just individualisation or differentiation in that it affords the learner a degree of choice about what is learned within the structure of each qualification, when it is learned and how it is learned. This is not the same as unlimited choice, as learners are still required to meet learning targets and assessment outcomes. However, our approach provides learners the opportunity to learn in ways that suit their individual learning styles and multiple intelligences.

Technology has forever changed the way education is delivered. London Bridge College has embraced this change, and provides bold and relevant learning experiences online, to support learners in achieving truly British Qualifications, classically undertaken in the classroom. At London Bridge, we know that the notion of ‘classroom’ no longer refers to a physical location and we know that students can learn from an environment they are comfortable in, where they feel supported and have meaningful material to engage with. The sense of a learning community is very much maintained at London Bridge, harnessing the power of digital; through tutor and assessor engagement, through learner collaboration tasks and live seminars.

You don’t need physical presence in a room in order to communicate with peers and faculty. Internet connection, and use of a computer or tablet can instantly transit learners to their virtual classroom, allowing them to learn at their own pace and engage in ways that make sense for their own needs.

At London Bridge College, our infrastructure allows for anytime, anywhere instruction, and it’s made available in a variety of formats. Our learners have the freedom to choose their own learning paths, which makes their learning more focused and targeted, and ultimately empowers learners in ways simply not possible in a traditional college environment.