Conflict of interest policy 


  • To protect our integrity as a business and the integrity of our qualifications.
  • To protect our staff by providing guidance on handling possible conflicts of interest that may arise as a result of their role in delivering courses.

Scope of policy

This policy applies to all staff and other individuals who interact or potentially interact with the work of the awarding organisation. This includes individuals involved with any aspects of the creation, marketing, sales, distribution, marking or any other activity connected with qualifications, tests, and assessments, and supporting resources and services.

The individuals falling within the scope of this policy include all staff employed by London Bridge College on full time, part time or casual basis.

In order to ensure this London Bridge College will:

Review our processes annually to ensure that all conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest are managed and resolved.

Ensure that the contractual arrangements clearly set out any obligations on them to declare and manage conflicts of interest arising from other activities that they undertake.

Ensure that anyone who has access to confidential assessment material for a qualification understands the confidential nature of the content.

Ensure that all members of staff declare any interest for friends or family sitting examinations.



  • Individuals within London Bridge College have responsibility for ensuring that they are familiar with the Conflict of Interest Policy, any guidelines and complete any required conflict of interest training.
  • The most important feature of the policy is the requirement that an individual disclose any activity that might give rise to a potential conflict of interest. If there is any doubt whether or not it represents a conflict of interest it should be reported.
  • The individual and manager are equally responsible for ensuring that the issue is documented carefully.
  • An individual may wish to raise concerns relating to conflict of interest directly with the Senior Leadership team manager. This may be done in confidence and they are entitled to receive a response to their concerns.
  •  If the staff member is unsure whether a conflict of interest might arise, they should discuss this with their manager first. The manager should contact the Head of the centre if they need advice on whether a situation presents a conflict and a record should be kept of the discussion. A staff member must not take on any such activities that could be deemed to compete or conflict with London Bridge College.
  • All staff and other individuals must inform the Head tutor of any candidates being assessed, who are family members, other relatives or friends.

Not all conflicts will be material enough to be of practicable importance or if material, upon full disclosure may not necessarily affect the College in an adverse way. In the interest of transparency, disclosure is still required.

Reporting of Conflict and Resolution

  • All employees with an actual or potential conflict of interest shall complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement at the earliest practicable time so that the conflict may be reviewed and resolved. All statements should be forwarded by email to the head of the centre The head of the centre will determine any appropriate action that may be necessary including but not limited to annual disclosure or disqualification from participation in transactions creating the conflict.
  • If an individual believes that a College employee has a conflict, the individual is to promptly report the perceived conflict to the appropriate Senior Official
  • For complaints against a staff member, the individual is to contact the centre coordinator
  • For complaints against a student, the individual is to contact the head tutor.
  • For conflicts involving harassment/discrimination complaints, the report of the perceived conflict also may be directed to the Coordinator.
  • The notification is to be in writing and include a description of the perceived conflict of interest and the rationale for the belief that there is a conflict of interest. The Senior Official shall be responsible for reviewing the matter and taking appropriate actions to ensure that the conflict of interest concern is appropriately addressed.
  • The senior Official will begin an investigation of any issues identified within 48 hours. A preliminary report will be made available within 5 working days.

Last update: September 2020, Review: August 2021