Complaints Policy and Procedure


  •  To give learners the opportunity to raise matters of concern about their examinations or assessment via a formal and documented process
  •  To protect the interests of all learners
  •   To facilitate a learner’s ultimate right of complaint to Pearson, where it is appropriate in order to do this, London Bridge College  will:
    •  inform all learners of the complaints procedure at induction and make it accessible to all learners
    •   have a staged complaints procedure
    •   record, track and respond to all complaints in line with the complaints procedure
    •   take appropriate action to try and resolve learner concerns
    •  monitor complaints to inform quality improvement
    •   forward the complaint to the Pearson, should it not be resolved within 28 days of receipt
    •   keep complaints records for the appropriate document retention period


If a learner wishes to complain about the service they are receiving they may contact the centre manager via email at  who must acknowledge this complaint within 3 working days.

The centre manager will investigate the complaint in full and make and provide a full response to the learner within 5 working days.  If the learner is not happy with the response provided they have the right to appeal and to contact the Awarding Body.

The learner should provide the following information:

    • Full name
    • contact details
    • Name of the course they are taking
    • Complaint details

Last update: September 2020, Review: August 2021