RPL policy and procedure


  • To set out how and when Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be used as a method of assessment for Pearson’s vocational qualifications.
  •  To provide guidance on how the RPL process can be managed so that evidence of learning meets standards
  •  To ensure there is a record of learner evidence against prior learning and that these are available for quality assurance.
  •  To set out how to use exemptions to claim credits from some of the achievement requirements of a qualification, using evidence of certificated achievement deemed to be of equivalent value.

In order to do this, London Bridge College will:

  • Explain to learners the process of claiming a unit using RPL and how long the process will take.
  •  Check that the evidence provided by the learner for RPL has been achieved before the start of their course of study
  •  Register learner as soon as they officially start to gather evidence of past learning and experience.
  •  Help the learner in gathering evidence by creating an assessment plan or tracking document.
  •  Evaluate all the evidence using the learning outcomes and assessment criteria from the qualification or unit being claimed.
  •  Ensure if there any gaps in the learners work through RPL, then further assessment methods must be used to create enough evidence to be able to award the learning outcome for the whole unit.
  •  Keep records of assessment against prior learning and so that these are available for verification.
  •  Evidence collected through the RPL process will be assessed and verified through the same quality assurance procedures that is used for any other internal assessment methods.

Relevant Policies and Procedures

Last update: September 2020, Review: August 2021